Hail Stones The Size Of Golf Balls Rain Down On Unsuspecting Boaters While Out At Sea

Caters_NewsPublished: September 5, 20175,201 views
Published: September 5, 2017

These boys have planned a fishing trip that they assumed would be on a beautiful sunny day. As you can see by this video, it has turned out to be quite the experience.
Their day out on the lake had taken a significantly bad turn when they encounter worsts of weather.

These guys are in for a scare when out of no where, hail as big as golf balls come down from the sky while they are out on the lake in their boat. All of a sudden panic arises and you can even hear screams from the background. From the looks of it no one was expecting this, hence the fact that they are very much unprepared.

For a second, one of the guys screams out in pain as one of the hail drops has hit him on the shoulder. All of them have tried to escape the hail but no luck due to lack in preparation.

Must watch to see what happens when these guys get caught off guard and this unmerciful weather takes them by surprise.

By Jack Williams

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