Family Have Close Encounter With Huge Alligator While On A Hike

NewsflarePublished: September 4, 2017158 views
Published: September 4, 2017

What would you do if one of the dinosaurs’ modern day cousins sprung across the road you were just walking on? Would you run away in the other direction, screaming for mercy? Would you wrestle it for territory? Or would you whip out your smart phone camera and begin recording the huge green beast for viral fame?

Because that is exactly what the dad in this family of Floridians did, when a massive alligator just popped out of the marsh and laid down on the road in front of them. The family of three were out for a hike on September 7, in Lakeland, Florida, when they heard something rustle in the bushes in front of them. When a Floridian hears that sound in the wild, they know it can only be one thing and it is not the neighborhood cat!

Sure enough, the beast from the marsh appears, casually strolling and instead of clearing the path, he just plops there, belly on the ground. The dad is freaking out right now, baby is in mom’s arms and everyone is safe, as long as they leave the reptile go on his merry way.

“Alright, he’s moving, he’s moving.” says the dad with audible relief in his voice. See yah later, alligator!

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