Wild Fish Comes Every Day To Greet Farmer Who Saved Its Life

NewsflarePublished: September 4, 201727,294 views
Published: September 4, 2017

A remarkable video has emerged from India of a farmer who has a unique friendship with a wild cat fish after saving its life.

The footage shows Prakash Patil, 54, visiting a local pond in his village Yede Machindra in Sangli district and calling the fish over.

Amazingly, the fish comes to the surface, swims closer, and even lets him pull it out of the water.

A neighboring farmer in his village told Patil that a fish had washed up into his farm along with the water released from a canal, and asked him to remove it.

Patil found the fish, which was stranded in a puddle of water, alive but inert. He carried it home in a plastic container filled with water and was amazed to see it revive. He then transferred the fish to a water tank and fed it for over a month.

As the fish grew in size and turned very active, he released it in the local pond.

Now when Patil comes to the pond and calls out the fish it is amazing to see that the fish remembers him and allows him to touch it and lift it up. What a great story of a man-fish friendship.

This is another example of a saved life.

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