Tense video shows release of 2.4-metre black mamba snake

NewsflarePublished: September 2, 201776 views
Published: September 2, 2017

A tense video has emerged from South Africa of a snake catcher releasing a 2.4-metre black mamba - Africa's most feared snake.

In the clip, which was filmed on Saturday (September 2) in Limpopo Province, the snake catcher tips up a plastic container, opens the lid and then retreats quickly.

The snake doesn't immediately come out, so the man uses an implement to tip up the container and the long snake emerges.

For a moment the mamba appears defensive, like it may be getting ready to strike but fortunately is crawls away into the South African bush.

The snake was caught near a home and had to be relocated, according to the filmer.

Although black mambas are rightly feared for their extremely toxic venom, attacks on humans are rare and they usually try to avoid confrontation.

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