Restaurateur Rescues Kitten From 'Hole' Lot Of Trouble

NewsflarePublished: September 2, 2017586 views
Published: September 2, 2017

We all know the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’ almost by heart by now. The meaning is obvious - because of the insatiable curiosity that cats and kittens alike exhibit on a daily basis, they are prone to all kinds of trouble.

Doesn’t matter if it is a big or a small cat; then that killer instinct hits them, they are willing to go to the farthest, most remote part of the world, if it means they will get what they want. Unfortunately for the sneaky little devils, it also means that they might get stuck somewhere. Lucky for one little feline, a lot of good people heard her screams and decided to intervene, for everyone’s sake.

A restaurateur in France has been hearing kitten cries in the walls of his establishment for three days. At first, he thought that maybe it’s a litter of kittens, waiting for their mommy. But a few days of listening to the same old will make anyone an expert in the sound. This man became expert in distinguishing that the sound comes from one little kitty, over and over. It probably means it is stuck somewhere in the drywall.

In the cute video, which was filmed near Marseille on September 1, a man puts on some gloves and manages to reach through a tiny hole in the wall and pull the kitten out. He tries calling it out with kisses and calls, but the kitty does not seem to budge. A few more rips in the drywall reveal that the uninvited guest is definitely not there because it wants to be, so a few tugs later and a dark grey toyger comes out, filthy but otherwise well. Probably just a little hungry.

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