Boat Crashes Into a Bridge in Chapmansboro, Tennessee

Storyful Published September 1, 2017 12,053 Plays

Rumble Dramatic video has emerged showing a boat crashing into a bridge in Chapmansboro, Tennessee, on September 1. Heath Demonbreun filmed as a boat broke loose from two wooden docks and floated away down Sycamore Creek taking the wooden docks with it. The boat continued down the creek and hit the bridge. The force from the impact broke the roof off the boat, as well as that of its enclosure. Demonbreun told Storyful that the boat continued to float towards “Cumberland River and we lost sight of it as it was floating down the river towards Clarksville, Tennesse.” Credit: Heath Demonbreun via Storyful


  • BroncoBob, 1 year ago

    Looks like the boat itself is pretty much "Unscathed", not so much for the 'slip'. lol. Up here in Michigan, you'd have "scrappers" diving into the water to salvage the aluminum, lol.

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