The Ultimate Survival Invention Lets You Charge Your Phone with Fire

VideoElephantPublished: September 1, 2017513 views
Published: September 1, 2017

Inventor Aydar Hayrullin from the Russian city of Ufa created the ultimate survival device, a gadget called the Tengu which converts heat from an open flame to electricity. All you need is some loose brush to get the fire going, and Tengu can fully charge your phone in an hour and a half.

The generator takes a bit of time to gather enough energy, but users can check if its ready with a special lamp. Tengu uses technology similar to that found on the Mars rover. The energy is capable of charging any gadget that it’s connected to Tengu via USB port.

The invention has already won investment backing and received over $10,000 from Russian crowdfunding site Boomstarter. Aydar is getting ready to mass produce Tengu to meet global demand for his unique device.

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