Terrified family spots huge tangle of snakes in their backyard

NewsflarePublished: September 1, 2017
Published: September 1, 2017


A family was shocked to find an entangled mass of snakes in their backyard on Wednesday August 30.

Manjunath Tailor and his family members in Puttur, South India, spotted several snakes bundled together with several more hovering around in the vicinity.

As the terrified family raised an alarm, a crowd quickly gathered at the spot and many suggested that the snakes be killed to ensure they did not harm anyone.

Manjunath called Gururaj Sanil, a snake conservationist, to tackle the situation.

After examining the snakes, Gururaj Sanil told the family not to worry. He advised them not to interfere with the snakes saying they were just in the middle of a mating ritual and would go away on their own.

He identified the snakes as buff striped keel backs, which are non-venomous, and usually live close to human habitats.

During the mating season, between March and November, female striped keel backs secrete a pheromone, which draws suitors, who tussle to mate with her forming a ‘ball’.

Gururaj Sanil, who filmed the ‘mating ball’ in Puttur, said, “About four snakes competed in the mating ritual which lasted for nearly three hours. Seven to eight more snakes were seen in the vicinity.”

The female later lays 8 to 10 eggs, which may take up to 45 days to hatch depending on the temperature of the area.

Gururaj, author of 6 books on snakes, says these snakes are harmless and people who spot them should leave them alone.

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