Clumsy Penguin Chick Faceplants On Antarctic Beach, Shakes It Off

Newsflare Published September 1, 2017 12,882 Plays

Rumble We have all been there, okay. When we first started walking on our own, it was hard. Out chubby legs and feet getting in the way of proper walking, so we would wobble around, trying to find our balance. In the beginning, it was terrible, so we would trip over constantly. Then comes the crying, then mother wouldn’t let us on our feet for a while. Remember those days? Of course you don’t, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t funny as heck!

Every baby struggles with walking, even birds! One funny video from the Newsflare archive of a penguin chick tripping over a rock on a beach in Antarctica proves exactly that! The clumsy little bird falls flat on its face before picking itself up and continuing its journey, apparently unfazed by the minor accident.

And why would it? It is a natural process that everyone has to pass eventually, so why not let it happen? Plus, the wonderful saying “fall down seven times, stand up eight” came from just such a period of life and has a wonderful point - learn from your mistakes and keep on pushing forward!

The video was captured by a tourist to the continent in 2014.