Kitesurfer rescues stricken sea turtle

NewsflarePublished: September 1, 2017
Published: September 1, 2017

A remarkable video has emerged of a kitesurfer rescuing a sea turtle which had become trapped in the baking shallows off the coast of Qatar.

The footage, captured on August 29, shows Blake Olsen moving the reptile to cooler, deeper waters.

''This lone turtle was stuck in the shallow boiling hot water, unable to open his eyes or move his flippers,'' the filmer later wrote online.

''I picked it up and thought for sure it was dead. As I set it back in the water I gave him a little push and he moved his flippers.So we brought him out to deeper, cooler water with us and it came to life.''

''Swimming with me and being very playful, the turtle kept coming up and looking me in the eyes. It was an incredible experience and felt so good to save such a helpless innocent creature,'' he added.

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