Cyclist Does His Best To Ignore The Neighborhood Bird Attacking Him

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Published: August 31, 2017

It is like Hitchcock’s Birds are coming to a street near you! One cyclist was casually biking through a neighborhood in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, minding his business and the road in front of him, when he was treated with the pleasure of an unexpected companion. One very annoying, violent companion, that is.

The rider says:"I was just riding my bike and having fun, when some feathered friends decided to join me on my outing. Magpie swooping season has arrived early, it seems."

Good thing the guy is fully equipped with GoPros all over his gear, so that we can see the action from every angle. The bird seems to have been following the cyclist for some distance and perhaps wants to land on the mount on the back of his helmet. So persistent! Even when the man clears the populated area, the magpie is still after his bright blue helmet!

Magpies have been known worldwide as the scalp clawing, blood drawing cyclist attackers and there might be a perfectly good reason behind their violent behavior. Magpies can become violent when it’s nesting season, so they will swoop and attack anything they perceive as a threat to their home and young.

This is another great reason to wear a helmet while out of a bicycle ride.

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