CCTV Shows Store Clerk Bravely Fighting Off Armed Robbers in Alberta

StoryfulNews Published August 31, 2017 555 Plays

Rumble A brave clerk fought off two masked robbers at a store in Calgary, Alberta, on August 17. Remarkable CCTV footage of the incident shows the clerk, named locally as Ahmed, or “Sonny” to his friends, standing behind the counter in the early hours when he is attacked by the masked intruders, one of whom carries a pickax and the other a tire iron. He struggles with them for a time, before leaving the store, whereupon he sets up a barricade that keeps his attackers in the store until just before police arrive. A man and a woman, Arthur Gordon Bennie, 35, and Natalie Cory-Lyn Elaschuk, 24, both of Calgary, were arrested and charged in relation to the incident. Credit: YouTube/logitactic canada via Storyful