This Is How To Cook Dinner With Science And Fail Miserably

TheBackyardScientistPublished: September 2, 2017124 views
Published: September 2, 2017

Kevin Kohler, the Backyard Scientist wouldn’t be what he presents himself to be, if he didn’t try and actually cook an entire meal using science. Now, one might say that cooking in on itself is actual science, but Kevin took at a few steps further and used almost every contraption he ever made in his backyard lab to prepare a recipe for Shrimp & Fresh Gnocchi with Corn, Basil, & Cherry Tomatoes from his latests sponsor, Blue Apron.

The first step was to “blister the tomatoes”, which instead of putting them on the stove, Kevin used a carbon arc light. That contraption shines brighter than a lighthouse on a dark night and it did the job quite right.

That gave Kevin the green light to go on, so he wraps an ear of corn in tin foil and puts it in his kiln made from an old oven. He thinks it should reduce the 30 minutes the recipe calls for to cook the corn to about 6. Sounds easy enough, until few minutes later he find a piece of charcoal where an ear of corn used to be. Oops.

He then cooks the shrimp with electricity in a vacuum sealed jar, which also goes rather successfully. Raw sea food should only be consumed when prepared by a professional and Kevin isn’t one, that’s for sure.

When the moment of truth came, Kevin’s food looked like a mad scientist was let loose in a kitchen. But it’s the thought that counts.

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