Protective Turkey Mama Signals Danger To Her Chicks

StoryfulPublished: August 31, 201737,020 views
Published: August 31, 2017

A woman named Tara Dodd was filming her female turkey leading her chick to the road. The big little family was casually soaking in the gorgeous rays of summer sunshine, plucking on some bugs off the concrete. But mama turkey was restless and while her babies ate, she would lift her head and look around every once in awhile.

A few moments later the protective mother sensed some sort of danger in their close vicinity and she made a sound that forced all of her tiny chicks into hiding. All ten chicks ran to the edge of the road and hid under some grass, completely camouflaging themselves! Amazing!

Tara says that when she took her camera out to film these sweet little chicks, she had no idea what she would end up catching them all do. As they followed their mother out to the streets, it was obvious that they not only followed her, but all of her commands as well. All so incredibly young, yet so well in tune with their mother. It is similar with all bird and animals of all kinds, a sort of built in way of survival, and it left Tara completely stunned!

After the mother turkey's command to get off the road, it was up to the chicks to step away, yet Tara witnessed an incredible moment that she couldn't resist sharing. Watch as they continue to make a move that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Isn’t nature just incredible?

Credit: Tara Dodd via Storyful

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