Six Year Old Golfer Takes Golf Scene By Storm Despite Having His One Arm

Caters_News Published August 31, 2017 869 Plays

Rumble This six year old golfer is taking the golf scene by storm despite of having only one arm, and is swinging the club like a pro.

Tommy Morrissey, from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida was born with one arm after he suffered blood complications in the womb that led to his arm not fully develop.

This disability never stopped Tommy from developing while growing up and parents were always here to encourage him.

His parents, Marcia, 41, and Joe, 47, were amazed when their baby began crying every time they switched the TV station showing golf. When Tommy was only 14 months old he first started swinging the golf club so parents decided to give it a try.

When he was three, Tommy could drive the ball almost 100 yards with one arm. People were shocked at his perfect setup and stance, along with the slightest hesitation at the top of his backswing.

He mastered the act of golf using his left arm as dominant, He has the posture, attitude, and tenacious desire to score and will follow his life ambition.

He is inspiring people with what he does and is a very happy child who wants to be a professional golf player, football player and fast car driver when he grows up.

This cute and talented little guy enjoys playing competitive golf against both children and adults. Despite having one arm, he remains undefeated.

Tommy has named his right arm Nemo after the Disney character with one small fin. Nemo didn't let anything stop him and neither does Tommy.

By Ben Walley