Port Arthur Residents Trapped by Flooding Use Boat to Help Rescue Others

StoryfulWeatherPublished: August 30, 2017
Published: August 30, 2017

A man in Port Arthur, Texas, shared video overnight and into the day on August 29 and 30 showing floodwaters caused by Tropical Storm Harvey rising around his home, trapping him there, before he and his relatives took to a boat to help rescue others. Over several hours, Gaelon Phillips posted regular video updates to Facebook first showing floodwaters entering his one-story home, speaking to emergency services on the phone and, after water rose higher on the ground floor, moving into the attic and onto the rooftop the morning of August 30. From the rooftop, Phillips showed rescue helicopters hovering nearby, and expressed hope he would be rescued soon. Later that morning, Phillips shared video from a small boat showing he and at least two other people trying to rescue people nearby trapped in their homes. He called on people to post addresses in comments, saying that they would try to help stranded residents. Phillips later told Storyful that they had rescued around 50 people. He described himself and tired “both physically and emotionally,” and expressed hope that people would come to help those affected by the flooding in Port Arthur. Credit: Facebook/Gaelon Phillips via Storyful

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