Neighbours Make Human Chain To Rescue Woman In Labour From Floods

NewsflarePublished: August 30, 2017230 views
Published: August 30, 2017

While Texans work their way against the effects of Hurricane Harvey, an incredible footage has emerged from Houston of residents making a human chain to help rescue a woman in labour from Harvey flood waters. The woman started going into labor in the middle of Hurricane Harvey, according to the filmer Molly Akers.

The woman's husband tried to contact 911, but when they couldn't reach emergency responders, they sent out an email to members of their apartment complex, asking if any residents were obstetricians or nurses. Soon after, neighbors began to fill the couple's apartment building, searching for any way to help.

After more than an hour, Houston Fire Department emergency workers showed up to rescue the woman. Neighbors then made a human chain as a way to safely escort the woman and her husband to the emergency workers' truck.

And while some battle their own ailments during these hard times, another family in Houston had some fun with an unexpected visitor. When Saul Saldana’s house got flooded during the hurricane, his family decided they should try chasing the water away by opening the back door, but instead they received a house guest in the form of a baby shark! Watch that video to get your off the bad stuff for a while.

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