Cat is terrified of vacuum cleaner

NewsflarePublished: August 30, 201710 views
Published: August 30, 2017

A curious kitten jumps out of its fur - after seeing a vacuum cleaner for the first time.

One-year-old white and black moggy Neung inspects the household cleaning device’s hose, sniffing the plastic tube.

He swipes a paw at the pipe several times - leaping with freight when it moves.

When owner Chanakarn Meehear, 23, turns it on he jumps out of his fur - taking refuge under a wooden chaise lounge.

Chanakarn from Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, said: ‘’This was neung’s first time seeing a vacuum. He didn’t know what it was and was scared.

‘’He’s a little bit more brave now but he still doesn’t like them.''

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