Bulldog caught stealing prawn has to spit it out

NewsflarePublished: August 30, 2017
Published: August 30, 2017

This bulldog was caught stealing a giant prawn and looked guilty - before being forced to spit it out.

The nine-year-old dog named ‘oo-an’ - the Thai word for fat - picked up the crustacean from a fish tank breeding the creatures.

But owner Mo Amonrat caught Ooan red-lipped with the prawn’s large pincer’s poking out of his mouth.

She told the dog off and prized open his mouth as he reluctantly is forced to release the sea creature - dropping it onto the ground in Chai Nat, Thailand.

Mo, a shop assistant, said: ‘’He’s so cute but we could not let him eat one of the prawns. It would not be healthy for him, too.

‘’But he’s greedy and likes to try to eat everything. The prawn survived after and we put it back in the tank with his friends.’’

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