Crafty Guy Pranks Both His Parents For His Homecoming

Caters_NewsPublished: August 30, 201722,869 views
Published: August 30, 2017

As far as surprises go, there can be nothing sweeter than seeing a loved one after a long stay away. There are homecoming videos out there that really set the bar high when it comes to letting people know you are back. But just when we thought homecoming surprises can’t get any more awesome, one young man proved us all wrong by throwing the most incredible homecoming surprise yet!

After living overseas in England, Jaedon Spencer has a very special surprise in-store for his parents, as he returns to his homeland of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, without notifying them. Instead of just going to both their houses and knocking on their front doors, Jaedon pulled a few tricks from his sleeve, with the help of his best bud and partner in crime, Lewis.

Dressed exactly alike, with dark pullovers, khaki pants and a beanie, the devious duo first set off to surprise Jaedon’s dad Chad by calling him into the room to check out a leak and then switching places, to see how long will it take for Chad to react.

The joke was on Jaedon, as Chad recognized his son immediately, albeit gobsmacked from the switch up. After a moment of silence, he wraps his arms around his son and proclaims that this is the best surprise he’s seen.

For his mom Melanie, Jaedon had something slightly more sinister in mind, hoping to ‘get a scream out of her’, by jumping out at her from the trunk of Lewis’ car. As she pops the trunk open, the surprised woman manages to muffles her scream as she is greeted with a “Hello” from her son.

All the planning seems to have definitely paid off, as their reactions were worth it all.

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