Frozen Fish Comes Back To Life After Being Defrosted

NewsflarePublished: August 29, 20176,333 views
Published: August 29, 2017

This footage, filmed in Jiangsu Province in 2016, shows a frozen fish being taken out from the freezer and put into water for defrosting. After about a minute or so, the fish starts moving and gradually comes back to life. The fish is back from the dead!

It shows a fish that's been frozen stiff, then placed into a tub of water with another fish. It starts to defrost and, with a little encouragement, starts swimming again.This unbelievable of a frozen fish coming back to life after being defrosted will leave you dazed and confused!

When this group of men remove the fish from the freezer and drop it into a small metal tank nobody expects for it to start swimming, but she does! This sounds like a horror film, but zombie fish are now a terrifying reality.

The fish floats motionless for about a minute before stirring its fins and emitting a few bubbles then gliding around the tank, appearing to have been brought back to life. Amazing!

The technique of freezing it probably doesn't freeze the fish solid.There are fish that can survive contact with frozen water at -1.7C and the anti-freeze abilities of these fish are being studied for what goes on in the body fluids as well as from an anaerobic respiration level. That is shocking!

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