Fisherman rescues turtle from abandoned crab trap

NewsflarePublished: August 29, 2017
Published: August 29, 2017

Footage of a fisherman freeing a turtle after it got stuck in an abandoned crab trap in New Orleans, LA, USA.

The video, shot on August 11, shows the man grabbing the crab trap in which he spotted a turtle and releasing the reptile into the water.

"This was a August day with temperatures in the low 90 degree range. The turtle was not able to get into water to regulate its body temperature and would have died by sundown from the heat," he wrote online.

"I released the turtle back into the water and it swam away. I also left the trap open so nothing else would be trapped inside."

"Abandoned crab traps are a problem in the Louisiana marsh and are referred to as ghost traps that keep killing until they corrode away," he added.

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