Men rescue carp stranded after Hurricane Harvey

Newsflare Published August 29, 2017 3,332 Plays

Rumble Footage has emerged of two men taking a grass carp back to a golf course pond after it was stranded in floodwater by Hurricane Harvey.

The footage, shot on August 27 in Magnolia, TX, USA, shows a man man carrying the huge fish back to the water.

"I was fishing a golf course pond in Magnolia during Hurricane Harvey that was overflowing and notice Blue Gill getting sucked out of the pond," the filmer wrote online.

"I wanted to walk the overflow and see if there were bass getting sucked out as well when I saw the grass carp."

"I told my nephew to catch it as a joke. I had no idea the fish was so tired from trying to get back to the pond that it would be so easy," he added.

The carp was eventually released in the pond.