Gator Country Flooded with Hundreds of Alligators Outside

StoryfulWeather Published August 28, 2017 2 Plays

Rumble Gator Country’s owner has had to take precautions to protect the alligators and other animals amid flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey. Gary Saurage posted a Facebook update on Monday, August 28, showing the extensive flooding on the Beaumont property. He also thanked everyone who has helped secure the property and the animals, but he sent the staff away to get to higher ground. If the water gets any higher, the alligators living in the area could swim over the fences, he told a local news outlet. The more dangerous animals, those not native to Texas, were moved to higher ground, he said. In his Facebook video, Saurage promised Gator Country would rebound after the flooding. “I promise you we’re going to make a comeback. I don’t quit that easy,” he says. Credit: Facebook/Gary Saurage via Storyful