Kayakers have close encounter with polar bears in Norway

NewsflarePublished: August 28, 20178,129 views
Published: August 28, 2017

A video has emerged from Norway of some kayakers having a close encounter with some hungry polar bears.

In the video, which was captured in Spitsbergen on August 10, the kayakers find huge polar bear tracks in the mud close to their camp.

Soon afterwards, when returning to camp from the shore, they find three bears raiding their possessions and looking for food.

For their own safety, the adventurers decide to get into their kayaks and observe the bears from the water.

"We were doing the dishes at shore when a female polar bear and her two cubs were wandering into our camp," the filmer wrote onlie.

"It took them about an hour to search through our bags, looking for food,' he added.

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