Students Use Canoe To Rescue Koala Stuck Up Tree In Rising River

StoryfulNewsPublished: August 28, 2017189 views
Published: August 28, 2017

A walk in nature can be an exhilarating and peaceful experience, its wildlife offering its beauty to us, humans. But when a group of students went to interact with the outdoors, they were treated with an experience they will never forget.

Kirra Coventry and some of her college friends from Outdoor and Environmental Education at La Trobe University in Victoria were canoeing on the Murray River near Ulupna, New South Wales, when they spotted a koala stuck up a gum tree surrounded by water. The animal looked like it could use use someone’s help climbing down to safety from the rushing river.

One of the party, Mat Wright, used a canoe to help the little critter. The stranded koala decided to jump on the canoe and was able to hitch a ride to dry land. Coventry told a local paper the river had risen “quite high” during the course of their excursion, catching out the koala. Coventry says she’s a volunteer with the Bendigo branch of the Victoria state emergency services. This, however, was the first time she’d been involved in the rescue of an animal, she said.

In the end, it was the perfect educational trip for the college kids. It taught them how to “interpret the natural environment.” Even better, it taught them how to bond with an Australian native animal.

Check out this clip from UZOO to learn a few facts about these unusual bears.

Credit: Kirra Coventry via Storyful

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