Baby Finds Camera Mom Hid In The Crib

Caters_NewsPublished: August 25, 201730,737 views
Published: August 25, 2017

You can’t really ask babies what in the world is going through their tiny little heads when teeth start sprouting, so all we can do is guess. Babies are capable of putting anything it their mouths, if it means that it will take away the nagging pain of baby teeth coming out.

So when mom Emily put her 7-month old baby Archer in her crib, she was expecting the baby to eventually soother herself to sleep. When mom wasn’t expecting was the baby to discover the newly installed cot cam and lunge for a taste!

At first, Archer doesn’t notice the new ‘toy’ in the cot; she’s too preoccupied with the mesh material the walls are built from. The she slowly turns to the left and lo and behold, there’s something new there! Whatever can it be? Baby eyes widen in excitement as she slowly approaches the camera.

“Looks so yummy, this new thing that I am yet to put in my mouth.”

Parents Brandon and Emily, who were watching the footage with amusement, say that the baby girl has never done a thing like this before. Dad said: “Archer must have woken from her nap and noticed the nanny camera before trying to eat it, thankfully it’s wire free so we had nothing to worry about. We have now had to put the camera up higher to keep it out of her reach, as she has since tried to do the same thing again.”

Well how are you going to get viral if it’s out of Archer’s reach?

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