Iraqi Troops Traveling Toward Tal Afar Disable IED on Road

StoryfulNewsPublished: August 24, 2017
Published: August 24, 2017

Iraqi troops advanced toward Tal Afar, one of the last cities held by the Islamic State in Iraq, clearing the roads of obstacles and mines on Wednesday, August 23. The local news source al-Mawsleya embedded with the Iraqi 16th Division, filmed troops identifying a mobile phone in a pile of dirt. At 6:45, the soldiers dug out the phone, which was attached to a battery. They suspected it of being an IED, an improvised explosive devise, and took the SIM card out. Two soldiers carried two cylindrical heavy objects away from the earth mound. At 9:04, division’s military engineers said the division had cleared hundreds of IEDs and earthen berms that the Islamic State had built along the road. He said the 16th Division was location on the road between al-Kasik and the village of al-Aashiq, which is located to the east of Tal Afar. Credit: YouTube/Al-Mawsleya via Storyful

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