Chinese Vendor Catches Watermelons With One Hand

NewsflarePublished: August 24, 2017324 views
Published: August 24, 2017

They say that in order to become a master at your own craft, you must practice constantly, because practice does in fact make perfect. Nothing can be achieved without constant practice. People nowadays compare improving one’s self with leveling up in a game - the more skilled you are in your craft, the higher the level you are on, obviously.

If that were true, then this guy is probably at level 99+ at his craft of catching whole watermelon with one hand as they are being thrown at him! It’s not a basketball that you can improvise at catching with one hand; it is a 10 plus pounds, 8 inches in its widest point fruit. Some of us are having issues picking one up and carrying it from point A to point B, but this guy handles them as if they were tennis balls!

Just look at how effortlessly he catches every single one of those fruits, as a colleague tosses them one by one WITH BOTH HANDS from another truck! The clip, shot at Fuyang, Anhui Province in China, shows the group of men, hard at work, transporting those melons, as the first man grabs the watermelon one by one, with both hands, and tosses them over to the Michael Jackson of workers, who in turn catches the huge fruits like they’re a joke!

No green screen here folks! Just practice, practice, practice.

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