Heartwarming Moment As Deaf And Blind Dog Sniffs Out Her Owner Coming Home

Caters_NewsPublished: August 24, 20174,742 views
Published: August 24, 2017

It is a terrible destiny, to be born with a certain handicap, but we shouldn’t let our flaws get in the way of us living a good life. It might be easier said than done, but it is success stories like these that can give you a different perspective on things. Even though this puppy was born the way that she is right now, she is still able to greet her owner as she comes home with all the vigor of a fully healthy dog!

When Lauren Nickerson’s dog Pearl, from Hawaii, USA, is a one-year-old catahoula/PitBull mix born with a genetic condition that left her blind and deaf for life. She actually has anophthalmia, a rare condition that means she has no eyes in her eye sockets. Also known as Double Merle, Pearl’s condition is completely preventable, but still occurs as a result of irresponsible breeding. She needed a fenced-in yard and someone to be home with her most of the time and she got all that plus so much more.

So when Lauren returned home to find her husband playing in the yard with Pearls, she pulled out her phone just in time to record Pearl sensing - or rather sniffing - her beloved owner at the gate and running towards her scent to greet her. Lauren says that Pearl’s entire body language shifts when she has found someone and that it is her most endearing trait. With smell being her only sense, she compensates by being an incredible sniffer. Such a good girl!

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