Pooch Gets Really Mad When He Doesn't Get His Treat

StoryfulPublished: August 24, 2017121,030 views
Published: August 24, 2017

Who likes dry food anyway? Sure, it’s crunchy, but sometimes - OK, most of the times - you like something smooth and soft, something that just slides down your throat with all its velvety goodness. This is not a quality demonstrated exclusively by humans; dogs can’t stand dry food too!

Gregory sure was not happy when his owner didn’t put gravy on his dry dog food. Aunt Boo filmed her dog Gregory Alexander Waters throwing a tantrum in the kitchen when he found that his food had no gravy. He was so mad that he only found dry kibble in the bowl, that he barked like crazy and jumped all around, furious. How dare she!

He barked and rolled around the floor in the hope that his owner might change her mind, but Aunt Boo won’t even budge. Gregory got so carried away in his tantrum, he lost his balance, slid on the tile floor and fell with a thud. “See, that’s what you get! Buffoon!” Aunt Boo yells at her spoiled pooch. The hilarious video was a huge hit on Facebook with over 1.4 million views.

If you think that Gregory is the only spoiled dog out there, then you should definitely see what Riley does. Every time they offer her a plate of kibble, Riley respectfully rejects it by spitting it out and pushing it as far away from her as possible. That girl knows what she wants and this isn’t it!

Credit: Aunt Boo Comedy via Storyful

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