Lazy Cat Gives Her Best Attempt At Ball Catching Game, And We Can't Help But Sympathize

StoryfulPublished: August 24, 2017957 views
Published: August 24, 2017

There are days when you feel like you just can’t get out of bed. You are bone tired, and the only comfort you find is the warmth of your blanket. You stare into a dead spot on the white walls of your room and contemplate the meaning of life and the creation of the world. That’s okay; we’ve all had days like that. If you didn’t know, even your days are entitled to days like that. And this video just proves it.

This tired cat was in no mood to be playing games, but gave it her best shot nonetheless. She was lying on the floor on her side, barely able to lift her left paw, but she did it. Quinton’s kitty showed minimum energy towards catching her toy, but this cat didn’t let her laziness hold her back. The weary cat made her best attempt to catch the quick moving ball only for it to get away at the last minute. After a few swipes at the ball and not having it stop, the cat pushes on with her last energy and tries to get the ball as close to her, but in doing so, only manages to push it away from her where it stays. The video was a hit on Tumblr, where it was originally posted.

Some people call cat lazy just because of their sleeping habits. If you are one of those people who think cats are lazy just because of their sleeping habits, you just might be right. They sleep approximately 13 to 16 hours a day. Imagine a human sleeping 16 hours a day; we would be calling him a slacker for sure.

The cat’s sleep is the result of their instinct as a predator. And sometimes they don’t feel like playing games with you, or just playing at all. Felines have a notoriety of being lazy and standoffish because, generally, they can't be taught tricks.

But, honestly why are cats so lazy? It’s basically in their nature. They love to eat sleep, snuggle, but only they want hooman, not you, they don’t like to be bothered and nap all daaaay.

Even though some people consider them puur-fect animals, they can really be lazy fur-ends. And this cat is probably the right example just how lazy they can be. But, we think that he has competition who might just steal his title in laziness.

This lazy cat won’t even open his eyes to meow in protest .

Watch as Gary answers his owner when asked if he's tired. Hysterical! It seems like this kitten likes to sleep, after running and fiddling with its owner for a long time. In this video, we can see when kitten Gary decides to lie down in his exclusive bedroom with style! Watch as Gary answers his owner when asked if he's tired. Hysterical!

They say time spent with cats is never wasted and thay are absolutely right!

Credit: the-lone-stargazer via Storyful

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