Lucky Escape As Biker Comes Inches From Having His Head Run Over

NewsflarePublished: August 23, 2017368 views
Published: August 23, 2017

Motorcycles might be a disaster on two wheels just waiting to happen, but this incident has to be one of those freak occurrences that you have to see to believe! This motorcyclist is lucky to be alive, as his head came inches away from being crushed under a tire.

The CCTV footage shot over a street in Chuzhou, Anhui Province in China on August 22, shows the rider of the bike coming to a traffic light from outside the lanes, before swerving to avoid a car on his right. The black car was turning to the left, attempting to change lanes and caught the motorist off guard. The man tried to compensate for breaking hard, so as not to hit the black SUV, but loses control of the bike and falls just inches away from the wheel of a car coming from the opposite direction.

His head hits the tarmac and his helmet falls off, but the rider manages to duck just in time to save his head! The motorist managed to get away with only a few minor injuries, but the psychological burden weighs heavier on him now. He will certainly never forget the sight of black rubber coming right in his face!

Talk about a life changing experience!

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