Sneezing Fit Leaves Unfortunate Kangaroo With A Runny Nose

NewsflarePublished: August 23, 2017145 views
Published: August 23, 2017

It can happen to the best of us - you feel a tickle up your nose, you can feel the sneeze building up and before you know it, you have made a mess in front of yourself and a whole lot coming up. This amusing video shows that even kangaroos are not immune to the snot when they get hit with a sneezing fit.

The video, captured by a visitor to the Oakvale Farm and Fauna World in New South Wales, Australia, shows the animal succumbing to a series of sneezes, which results in a river of mucus running from her nose. Poor thing!

The clip was shot by a group of visitors who suffered a fit of their own, though they succumbed to the belly laughs instead. Unlike us humans, the roo doesn’t seem to bothered by the mess building up on her upper lip.

The visitors have since reported that the animal has been checked for diseases and has been given a clean bill of health. It must have been a bug or a speck of dirt that made the poor mommy end up with a streaming nose.

Oakvale Farm and Fauna World is popular with visitors looking to get up-close to the native animals of Australia, from emus and koalas to kangaroos and wallabies.

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