Grandma Nearly Falls Out Of Chair With Excitement At Baby Announcement

Caters_NewsPublished: August 23, 20171,990 views
Published: August 23, 2017

Expecting parents are getting more and more creative at delivering the news to their families. There have been ’buns in the oven’, but we are yet to see a dog announce the newest member of the family!

33-year-old Stephanie Crosby from Virginia beach was expecting her first baby and she couldn’t wait to tell her mom Vicky. Stephanie has three Maltese poodles, all of which love the unsuspecting grandma to bits, but the eldest pooch, 5-year-old Fish, got to be the bearer of good news for this particular occasion and in the most adorable way.

Stephanie dressed Fish in a tee that said “I am going to be a big sister” and sent her to greet Vicky with all the love she has to shower grandma. With the camera on, the mom-to-be recorded one of the most hilarious reactions we have seen from women who receive the news that their family will be welcoming a new addition. The moment she read the message of Fish’s tee, Vicky starts screaming and rolling all over the couch she was sitting on, barely missing the edge!

Stephanie and her husband Tommy have been trying to conceive for more than two years and have started going to a specialist, so this was their first positive test. Since they asked grandma to keep it a secret for a while longer, Vicky would go to Babies R Us so that she could talk to random strangers about it. Beyond adorable!

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