Snake spits out lizard after being attacked by its friends

NewsflarePublished: August 22, 201722,233 views
Published: August 22, 2017

This is the incredible moment two lizards gang up on a snake while it eats one of their friends - and save its life.

The green tree snake had swallowed the Tokay gecko and was perched on a branch with a large bulge in its throat while it finished devouring it in Bangkok, Thailand, on August 14.

But two fellow lizards desperate to rescue their pal were locked in a tense stand-off - and began cautiously biting at the serpent, even with the third lizard clearly already lodged in the snake’s throat.

Onlooker Sawet Numpet, 31, watched the incredible scene unfold, then gently prodded the reptile with a stick before it uncoiled and released the suffocated and slime-covered lizard from in its jaws.

The gecko was an unusual shade of red, barely breathing and with its tiny heart visibly pounding after its ordeal of being swallowed alive and suffocated.

But it miraculously sprang back to life and scampered away along the bark to rejoin his pals.

While the disappointed snake fell to the ground after being derived of its dinner.

Sawat, who filmed the incident, said: ‘’I work at a factory and behind there are lots of trees and jungle area. I was taking a break from work with friends on Monday evening.

‘’We saw the snake and the two lizards and it was unusual, because the two lizards were watching and something strange was happening.

‘’They were attacking the snake and then I saw it had swallowed something, so we watched and then I hit the snake with a stick.

‘’The lizard came out and it was red instead of blue and orange. It was injured and looked like it had no strength, but it came back to life.’’

The snake, despite appearing to be green, is actually called a Golden Tree Snake or a Flying Snake. They prey on lizards, rodents, bird eggs and sometimes bats.

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