Two Legged Cat Demonstrates Running and Climbing up Scratch Tower

StoryfulPublished: August 22, 2017
Published: August 22, 2017

Anakin, the two-legged cat, does not let his disability hold him back. He continues to play with all the other cats and shows us that having only two legs should not hold you back. Here is what Anakin’s owner had to say about the inspirational little guy: “This (footage) was just to get a little video of Anakin running. I do not usually make him run unless he wants to. Right now, Anakin gets around just fine without wheels. Wheels would hinder his ability to climb his cat tower and his freedom to go where he wants to go in our home. We will get him wheels when he is older if he needs them.” Credit: Anakin The Two Legged Cat via Storyful

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