Herd of fearless cows chase away a pride of lions

NewsflarePublished: August 21, 2017
Published: August 21, 2017

An unusual security camera video has emerged from India showing a a herd of cows chase away a pride of lions.

In the clip, which was filmed in Rampar village in Amreli, Gujarat on August 13, a few lions roam the village streets looking for food.

A lone cow enters the road and makes no attempt to flee from the big cats. It stands close by and a lion can even be seen trying to dodge it.

Suddenly three or four cows can be seen galloping on the road and chasing the lions away.

Mayank Bhatt of Save Asiatic Lions Campaign said it was common for the lions in the Greater Gir forest to stray into nearby villages looking for food and it appeared some of the local cows had become used to the big cats.

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