Spectacular Slow Motion Footage Of Great White Sharks

NewsflarePublished: August 21, 20171,689 views
Published: August 21, 2017

The Great white shark is known under many aliases that bring fear into our hearts (such as White Death) and can be found in all of the major oceans. This makes them one of the most common visitor to unsuspecting divers, surfers and boaters. Although there have been cases of attacks, many of these encounter are just pure curiosity of the animal. Such is this video, but what makes it even more spectacular is the fact that it's slow motion.

Here we can see a beautiful specimen attacking a decoy, and the slow motion shows us the precision and fierceness of the attack process. We've seen many videos of these amazing water creatures, but most of them happen very fast and we can't fully admire the sharks. That's why seeing them in slow motion is truly a sight to behold!

This is a recent footage made in Gansbaai, South Africa, on August 20. On very rare occasions, Great white sharks can attack even boats measuring up to more than 10 meters, usually biting the stern of the boat. However this is such a rare occurrence that it shouldn't be considered as a very important threat. Although, precautions when encountering a shark should be taken.

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