Lioness Is Not In The Mood For This Lion's Advances

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Published: August 21, 2017

Lions are amazing creatures. They are the main rulers of the jungle and are proud and noble animals. You think that nothing can faze them, that they are like stone and get no emotions, but if you thought that, you are wrong. Not only can lions experience fear and love, they can also be very sassy to their partners and other animals! That is exactly what happens in this clip here!

Catherine Van Eyk was the one that whipped out her camera at the right time to capture the moment a cheeky king of the jungle was put back in his place by none other than his queen. Catherine says: “It was very exciting to watch. It’s not often to see these huge strong animals in such action. They spend most of their day sleeping. It was also great to see the female standing up to the male.”

This sassy lioness has no problem putting this inquisitive male lion in his place after he gets in between her and her meal. She charges at the male when he approaches to get some food. Who knows why she is so angry at the male? Maybe they got in a serious fight earlier and she is mad at the male. Nonetheless, this still makes for one interesting clip!

The social structure of lions is indeed interesting and worth observing (from a distance, of course). As most of you know, the groups of lions that live together are called prides, and there is only one dominant male, and only he has the right to mate with the other females. The other lions of the pride have different roles, which can shift depending on the current needs and size of the pride.

In most cases, all the adults from the pride work together as a team and protect the less capable ones from other predators and natural enemies. But the hierarchy in the pride itself determines who will get to fend off enemies and be in charge. Some lions just "stand guard" on the outer perimeter, while others are protected inside their "circle"

However, this lioness is not a fan of traditional roles (obviously), and she just didn't feel like being courted on at that exact time, so she made sure that the pushy lion knows it. We have no idea why she's so grumpy - maybe she didn't get to eat her favorite part of a gazelle, or maybe it just wasn't her day in general. Anyway, this lion pulled the short straw when it comes to flirting with his favorite female. Better luck next time, buddy.

What did you think of this clip? Have you ever seen a lion like this before? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section below!

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      lethrnek · 32 weeks ago

      Lions don't live in the jungle. They live on the African savanna. This video has nothing to do with anger, love, or fear. It's about survival. I got mine, you go get yours.