These Fishermen Had A Field Day When A Great White Shark Circled Their Boat

Storyful Published August 21, 2017 215,058 Plays

Rumble When James Miller took his close bud Sam Shellabear out fishing off the coast of Garden Island, they were hoping for a quiet day out at sea and a few decent fish to boast with. They might never have expected to see this big guy and so close to their boat, just over a mile off the coast of Western Australia.

“My boat is seven meters (30 feet) and this thing was at least three-quarters of it - so it had to be four or five meters long (between 13 and 16 feet),” overexcited James said. “It was swimming around the boat for almost half an hour and even took one of the fish we’d caught. It was pretty cool.”

James is a keen angler and says that he has seen several sharks in his 21 years of life on Earth. Still, he has not even remotely seen a Great White of this size. Judging by the audio, laced with some pretty juicy terms, it is easy to come to a conclusion that the two buds have bailed on that fishing spot. However, James and Sam braved it off, despite the “big guy” circling their boat.

“I can’t really put into words what it felt like. I’d seen people encounter sharks like this on TV but until it happens to you, you don’t have any real idea of what it was like. I didn’t mind the fishing not going too be there and see that shark was fantastic,” James said.

Credit: James Miller via Storyful