Boston 'Free Speech' Rally Met With Huge Counter-Protest

StoryfulNews Published August 19, 2017 9 Plays

Rumble Thousands of anti-fascist protesters set out to march through Boston, Massachusetts, on Saturday, August 19, to confront a so-called ‘free speech’ rally put on by right-wing organizers in the wake of the recent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The counter-protesters feared that the rally would attract white supremacist demonstrators similar to the rally in Charlottesville. Local media reported that as many as 10,000 people gathered in Roxbury to march to Boston Commons to converge with the ‘free speech’ rally. The protest was organized by the Black Lives Matter movement and the Mass Community Actions Network. Footage by a reporter shows protesters at the “Fight Supremacy” protest listening to speakers ahead of their march. Credit: Twitter/Jessica Weiss via Storyful