Hospital Staff Freaked Out by Two Pitbulls

starfisherPublished: August 19, 2017Updated: August 21, 2017197 views
Published: August 19, 2017Updated: August 21, 2017

St. Luke’s Anderson Campus is a hospital that is used to receiving visitors and they recently received a fun surprise when two friendly pitbulls decided to swing by to say hello. Surveillance footage shows the dogs strolling into the hospital as easy as you please, before heading off to the pharmacy. The pharmacist caught a glimpse of them and could not seem to figure out what was going on.

The video was posted online by the hospital and these people definitely have a very good sense of humor about the situation. While some hospitals will work overtime to make sure that no unwanted visitors are allowed to show up, this administration had zero issues with their unexpected visitors. They consider themselves to be very kid friendly AND pet friendly.

The dogs were very polite and well behaved. They were willing to stand in line at the pharmacy and wait their turn before being served and when dogs are willing to behave this well, they should get lots and lots of treats. We are not entirely certain if they got those treats, but what they did receive was a safe escort back out of the hospital with minimal fuss.

They were allowed to have some water before they were taken off the scene and a security guard put leashes on the animals before leading them out. These dogs have an owner to call their own and it is easy to see that she is responsible for their great behavior. Kathy was reunited with the animals in an expeditious manner and was grateful to the hospital staff for assisting them.

While some hospitals would have simply chased the dogs away or yelled at them, these guys went the extra mile and they deserve recognition for it. Her two little escapees ended up at the perfect place and Kathy was sure to write a note to the hospital to thank them for how well they took care of the pups during their unexpected journey into the medical field.

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