Boy Flashes Priceless Look When He Finds GoPro Lost in the Ocean

StoryfulPublished: August 19, 201722 views
Published: August 19, 2017

Casey Borgers is a resident of Texas who shared an August 11 video of his son, Luke, dropping a GoPro camera while playing in the ocean, panicking, and then recovering it with a look on his face that perfectly embodies complete and utter relief. The video features text across the scene that paints a picture of Borgers allowing Luke to play with the camera, but only if he’s very careful not to lose it. Unfortunately, a huge wave comes across and smacks the camera away from Luke. The camera, which is still recording, sinks to the ocean floor. Luke spends a few minutes anxiously looking for it, and is ecstatic upon recovering it. Credit: Casey Borgers via Storyful

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