Fawn Falls Prey to Eagle on Lake Noquebay, Wisconsin

StoryfulPublished: August 18, 2017
Published: August 18, 2017

Julie A. Smith caught the moment a fawn was attacked and killed by an eagle on Lake Noquebay, Wisconsin, on June 30, 2017. Smith woke up early at her lake home in Crivitz to watch the sunrise on her deck as she has done many times before. As she gazed at the lake from her deck she saw a white-tailed fawn swimming along the edge and decided to capture the scene. A few moments later, a bald eagle flew straight towards the small deer and attacked it. The bald eagle held the deer underwater with its claws and took swipes at it with its beak. In an article that appeared on the Greenbay Press Gazette Smith stated: “We’ve always had eagles around during the 15 years we’ve had this place, and I’ve seen them swoop in to catch fish,” Smith said. “I know they’ll also take goslings, but I never heard of one killing a fawn." After a short time the eagle dragged the motionless deer to shore, as the animal was too big to lift. Smith told Storyful the eagle managed to get the fawn to shore and the bird feasted on its prey for days after the kill, as seen in a picture. Credit: Julie A. Smith via Storyful

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