Clever Tabby Shows Expert Door Opening Skills

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Published: August 18, 2017

Every cat owner will tell you that their feline companion has no respect for <a href="" target="_blank">personal space</a>, a notion that has been proves time and again, even recorded for the whole Internet to see. But cats aren’t just good at invading your space, they are also good at sticking their noses where they probably don’t belong. Curiosity is a huge thing with cats, so naturally, when they can’t get in somewhere, desperate measures have to be taken. Like learning how to open a door.

Mulder the brown tabby cat is a clear example that you can’t stop the force that is a cat‘s curiosity. They are tiny little hunters and what does a hunter do? They roam and search for their next kill. Mulder might not be killing anything anytime soon, seeing how chubby he looks, but this skill he has perfected sure looks awesome on camera.

Since Mulder can’t be without his owner, the human demonstrates the cat’s newfound ability by putting him in another room and closing the door behind him. Not even a half a second goes by, before the door handle turns and the door opens, so that the little beast can come right back inside.

But what will happen if a body of water is between the cat and the vastness that he wishes to explore? This is where Mulder’s true <a href="" target="_blank">cunningness</a> comes to shine. He knows the tub is filled with the stuff he hates the most, so he goes to the side and jumps to latch on the handle! First attempt was futile, but he knows he can’t just drop down, so he jumps back to the side! Second attempt was a pure success.

That is one sly cat, if we ever saw one!

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