Homeless Man Jumps For Joy Over New Tiny House

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Published: August 17, 2017

Infinity Village is the first of its kind in Nashville, joining a national trend of homeless housing solutions through micro-home villages. Check out these cute mini houses!

Reverend Jeff Carr, the founder of Infinity Village, explains that they dedicated these homes in order to provide not just a shelter, not just a house, but a home for those who are in need. Spread across 60 sq. ft, consisted of one door and one window, these tiny homes are changing lives. This is the micro-home community in Nashville which was built by two men who were on a mission to make things better for their citizens. Each home has a murphy bed, mini fridge, heating/AC, which is fine enough to make a decent living!

Robert McGue, homeless camp resident from Green street gets very emotional about this issue. Can you believe that some people who were used to living in normal-sized homes decided to move in micro homes? Take Reverend Carr for example who decided to move in one of these micro-homes because he considers that the size of a house doesn’t matter as long as we are happy and satisfied with our lives, it is not the material stuff that counts!

Refusing to leave until $50,000 was raised in order to build more micro-homes, this compassionate reverend was sleeping in a tent for 45 days, and collected enough money to build six more micro-homes, and he hopes to built many more. His mission and efforts should be rewarded! Keep up the good work Carr! Faith in humanity is restored!

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