7-Year-Old Hero Saves His Aunt From Drowning

USATODAY_HumankindPublished: August 17, 2017Updated: August 18, 2017336 views
Published: August 17, 2017Updated: August 18, 2017

It's not at all unusual for kids to be the ultimate heroes and save someone's life. There have been many known cases of very young children saving their parents by calling 911, but this 7-year-old boy set the standard to a whole new level.

With some quick thinking, this kid managed to save his aunt from drowning. Jenny Mama had damaged her spinal cord in a water slide experience gone awry and ended up at the bottom of the pool, having no control whatsoever over her arms and legs.

"The only thing I was thinking was how many gulps before I die. I took five", explained Jenny in an interview. "She was drowning really bad and I felt bad for her, so that's why I jumped in and saved her", said the young hero Mason. And thank God for his quick thinking!

For his heroics, Mason received a very noble title - he was named Fire Chief for the day and got to spend the whole day with the fire department. He even received a certificate for heroism which he'll surely cherish for years to come.

"I was just grateful that he got me", Jenny further explained her gratitude for what her nephew did.

Mason even got a little speech when he was handed the certificate, and the fire marshal personally thanked him for his amazing bravery and noted that heroes do come in all shapes and sizes. What an amazing young boy!

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