Clumsy Cat Gets Rescued From The Top Of 50-Foot Tree

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Published: August 17, 2017

Having a pet can be truly amazing. They can shower you with so much affection, you find yourself thinking “what was I doing before this?” Cats can be equally affectionate, until they decide to do something crazy, like redecorate your home, or climb a tree.

They might be grown up animals, but when left without supervision, there is no telling what they might get themselves into. Take old Casimir; here is the perfect example of what we are talking about here.

We don’t what happened that made Casimir make this horrible decision. The tom climbed a 50 feet tall tree and just wouldn’t climb down! When his owners found their pet rascal where he should not be in the first place, they called the animal rescuers, who came equipped with poles, climbing equipment, netting for just in case and, of course, a camera.

When rescuer Stefan Brockling started climbing the tree, Casimir was adamant that he is happy where he is and wouldn’t climb to meet his rescuer for the world. Stefan starts to climb that tree precariously, but the tom won’t budge.

Just when we think that he will reach Casimir, the cat keeps climbing higher and higher into the canopy. We know that ‘cats always land on their feet’, but the silly cat wouldn’t test that theory. He climbed so high up the tree, the branches started to sway under his weight. And the inevitable happens - the branches give under Casimir’s weight, sending the cat shooting down towards the ground. Oh no!

Half way down, some other branches catch the clumsy cat and he struggled to stay afloat, but that is not the plan. With his netted pole, Stefan gives the silly cat a gentle nudge, making him fall down - straight into the rescuers’ net below!

All is well that ends well, we suppose.

Watch the dramatic rescue of Casimir the cat from high up in a tree. The animal rescue team says this was their most nerve-wracking rescue to date.

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