Teen Spent $25,000 On Shoes, Gave Them All Away

USATODAY_HumankindPublished: August 17, 201710 views
Published: August 17, 2017

There is nothing different about 13-year-old Drew Frank. He is just your run of the mill teenager who loves the same things all other teenagers, shoes included. So when Drew turned 13 and his parents threw him a bar mitzvah, he asked for gifts in cash. All in all, he gather around $25,000 cash, money which everyone thought he will eventually use for shoes. And he did.

What makes Drew extraordinary in the story is what he did with all those shoes. Drew actually donated the money from his bar mitzvah to a charity that provide shoes to kids in need. In collaboration with the Braden Aboud Foundation, Drew bought 800 pairs of Nike shoes and 800 pairs of socks, half of which were donated to a public elementary school in a lower-income neighborhood. The other half went to a local orphanage and a YMCA transitional living center for women and children.

Braden Aboud Foundation founder Cindi Aboud told USA Today that the shoes, which they give away at annual events since 2008, were purchased by raising money through sponsored events and business donations. Drew is the first individual that has donated to the foundation.

Drew was more than happy to share his bar mitzvah gifts with kids who are less fortunate than he is, most of whom have never had a new pair of sneakers in their lives. Bravo!

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